Explore a hilarious Punch-Out!! inspired boxing-filled alternate universe


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Mar 20, 2024

Knockout 2: Wrath of the Karen GAME

Hit the road in this all new Knockout adventure! In America, all disagreements are solved through boxing. Tour the nation - and the world - exacting revenge on everyone who ever wronged you in this Punch-Out-inspired rhythm boxing game.

Knockout 2 pits you against the worst of society and the only way out is with your fists. Got cut in line at the grocery store? That's a boxing match. Offended a scam caller? That's a boxing match, too. In fact, all laws, court cases, and skimping out on sandwich toppings are resolved through combat in a world where civil discourse has failed.

Customize your boxer and enter the ring! Each opponent is a puzzle to be picked apart. From Karens to Cat Ladies, learn each opponent's fighting style and expertly clap back, playing each one like a fiddle. The road to victory will not be easy, but it will be hilarious.

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Classic arcade boxing action with tight timing and even tighter controls in the style of Punch-Out!!
A wild journey across the nation solving everyone's problems. With your fists.
An even wilder second campaign, challenging each fighter once again in EX Duels.
A single-player story every bit as comedically scathing as the first game.
Refined core game mechanics building upon the risk and reward boxing style of the first game. Perfect-block and counter your way to directing each match like a symphony conductor.
Full keyboard and gamepad support.
At least one duck.
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