This is the best game of racing sonic vs knuckles super race


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Nov 4, 2017
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Knuckles and sonic racing Game

For win knuckles collect 300 coins
this is a game that's merge between racing sonic and need speed race knuckles .
In another many worlds, there is a Super sonic vs. knuckles racing have become Legendary, his from another planet While dashing and evading through the obstacles, don’t miss to pick up special items to increase your performance.
This is the best game of racing sonic vs knuckles super race Adventures game to get you into a full running sonic original platform style and race vs enemies game, giving you a head start with already created 4 levels and bosses sonic racing .
Even though these items lifetime is limited, but they are free! Collect the coins for win the red sonic named knuckles and as many as you can to buy the upgrading which are Magnet, multiplayer, Powers and Super cars .Many skills like Ki Blast, Kamehameha , hedgehog , Big Bang Attack and Monkey King ... and many more coming. The controls are excellent and user friendly and we are here to support you with anything you need to setup the app!
Features: * Nice sound and graphics * Cool transform effect * Cool skill design and effect * Flexible moving and game play for Sonic Cars * 2 touch moving and 2 jumping * A lot of obstacles * A lot of challenges and stages * Classic platform game controller * Addictive game play

Enjoy playing this game , and don't forget to rate us and give us your opinion about this game to make it more fine for all sonic fans!
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