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버전5.11 (10004889) (10004889)
업데이트 날짜2020년 01월 21일 (1개월 전)
크기23 MB
설치 수 1,000+
개발자Backpack Health LLC


Backpack Health – Your health information always on hand.

Sometimes health information can feel scattered and out of reach. Backpack Health wants to help you keep it all together, so that you can spend less time tracking it down and more time getting (and giving) the care and support you need.

Organize and manage your health details in the way that makes the most sense to you:
• Conditions, procedures, medications, allergies, complementary care, labs, and more – if it's important to your health journey, keep it in your Backpack
• Record your health info using a comprehensive dictionary of clinical and everyday terms – we give you lots of options to help you find what you're looking for
•Add photos, videos, audio, and files to your Backpack to complete the picture
• Instantly translate your health info into multiple languages, even without an internet connection

Include the people you love:
• Add profiles for the ones you care for (as many as you want)
• Kids, aging parents, anyone whose info you need to have on hand, Backpack Health lets you keep it all in one place
• Invite others to co-manage your loved ones' profiles with you – you can collaborate to stay on top of their care

Share the information you need to with the ones who need it most:
• Use unique share cards to control what information you share with whom
• Share your specific Emergency info so that it's there when you need it
• Share the most up-to-date info with unique secure URLs
• Use a unique URL to keep emergency info on medical ID jewelry or in your phone’s Medical ID
• Add your files and notes to Share Cards

Wherever you go, Backpack Health makes it easy to carry the stuff that matters, and share it with those who need it.

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This release contains UI improvements and bug fixes.
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다운로드 Backpack Health APK (지난 버전)

5.11 (10004889) (10004889)2020년 01월 23일
5.10 (10004868) (10004868)2020년 01월 09일
5.9 (10004843) (10004843)2019년 11월 20일
5.9 (10004839) (10004839)2019년 11월 16일
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