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Camera Oppo F7 - Selfie Camera For Oppo F7 was well-known for being the best smartphone brand that focuses on bringing the best camera to users. And with their new ColorOS camera app, now you can have everything you expected and in a built-in oppo camera app, all-in-one camera app that you ever wanted is Camera OPPO F7 - Oppo F7 Camera Selfie
Most smartphones nowadays are capable of taking some pretty impressive shots, but if compared to the camera app that was introduced by Camera Oppo F7 - Selfie Camera For Oppo F7 of Oppo company, you can immediately see an increase in clarity and low light performance.

Camera Oppo F7 has the mainstay feature of a front camera with 25 megapixel resolution (f / 2.0 lens) which is also equipped with high dynamic range (HDR) technology, and artificial intelligence (AI), to enhance the selfie shots. Oppo F7 is the first smartphone in the world equipped with a 25 megapixel Sony 576 sensor that has high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities. The front camera is placed in the "bangs" section, notch on the top side, in the form of notches jutting into the inside of the screen, so that the physical appearance of the Oppo F7 looks similar to the R15 which are also bangs.

features Oppo f7 :
- appearin
- Image stabilization (or anti-shake)
- oppo camera timer
- Snap by volume keys
- Semi Automatic Mode
- Camera of F7 , video recorder & panorama features
- White balance settings(Incandescent, Fluorescent, Auto, Daylight,Cloudy)
- Screen mode settings(Action, Night, Sunset, Play)
- Dynamic user interface (phone/tablet)
- Pinch to zoom Camera Oppo F7 Selfie
- Smart panorama shooting
- selfie plus
- Shutter Priority Mode (S or TV)
- Program Mode
- Auto Depth-Of Field
- Full Manual Mode / Manual Mode
- And full efect Selfie Camera For Oppo F7
- HD Camera
- Camera For oppo
- 24 And 36 Megapixels
- Blur Camera
- PIP Camera
- Zoom Camera
- Wide screen pictures
- Picture quality setting
- Location targeting
- Configurable volume keys
- fs5
- Countdown Timer

Device support ; Oppo f1 , Oppo f3 , Oppo f5 , Oppo f7 , Oppo f9, xiaomi mi a1, samsung s9, vivo v9, vivo v7, huawai,
Camera Oppo F7 - Oppo F7 Camera Selfie app is a wonderful camera for selfie. It is professional but easy-to-use. Functions of capturing natural selfie, editing selfie and adding filters are merged into Camera Oppo F7 - Oppo F7 Camera Selfie app. Just a few steps, your natural beauty will show up in seconds. Oppo camera selfie, your best choice

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