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버전3.2.0 (86)
업데이트 날짜2018년 07월 30일 (2년 전)
크기67 MB
설치 수 100,000+


Continuing to gather avid support, Charaft is now available as an app. Please enjoy designing new characters and changing their outfits.

Make original characters in the style of video game characters. Coordinate outfits, change clothes, and create an original character that can even be used as a social media avatar. Now with long-awaited male characters!

What is Charaft?
We are an avatar design service that began as a web page in 2017. We have grown popular as a service that allows you to design intuitive, video game-like characters, coordinate their styles, and change their outfits, making beautiful, adorable characters that appear as though they've been drawn into being.

◆ High-Quality Graphics
The final product is a character so overwhelmingly high-quality and adorable that you would never think it had been assembled from selected individual parts.

◆ Easily Make a One-of-a-Kind Character
With a vast selection of faces, expressions, and clothing patterns, you can quickly make a one-of-a-kind character.

◆ Male Characters Now Available!
The standard characters are female. The highly requested male characters are now available exclusively to monthly subscribing members. Currently, these characters are available in an early access stage, presented with a limited number of customizable parts.

◆ Plentiful Body Parts
Freely select from a wide variety of shapes and colors for the body and face of your character. Will you try making an avatar that looks exactly like you, your friends, or your significant other?

◆ Clothing Parts that Can Be Selected from Various Categories
We've prepared an incredible selection of clothing to satisfy your desire for customization. Discover something new every time you coordinate an outfit.

◆ Accessories and Backgrounds that Will Expand Your Worldview
Many unusual accessories are available, including instruments, weapons, horns, and wings. Easily dress up your character as a character from a fantasy.

◆ Your Unique Character Can Be Used in a Variety of Settings
Your character can be used as an avatar for various social media platforms, blogs, and partner services. Our avatar designs can be used as your own customizable communication tool. Characters can be printed on goods such as smart phone cases and acrylic stands! (Costs money.)

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version 3.2.0(86)
· Diamond acquisition function added when tweeted
· Minor defect correction
version 3.1.0(82)
· Added parts fitting function
· Minor defect correction
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다운로드 Charaft:Create Original Character,Change Clothes, APK (지난 버전)

3.2.0 (86)2018년 08월 01일
3.1.0 (82)2018년 07월 19일
3.0.4 (79)2018년 07월 05일
3.0.2 (77)2018년 07월 04일
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