Doomsday: Guardian APK

An AFK Walking-Dead themed gameplay with strategy feature.

버전1.0.0 (100166)
업데이트 날짜2020년 10월 29일 (20시간 전)
카테고리게임, 롤플레잉
설치 수100+

Doomsday Guardian is a brand new AFK mobile game with Walking-Dead themed.Rally up and defeat those zombies. Unite your families to build a great guild.
Join us, a thrilling journey is expected!

【Game Feature】
- Epic Super Heroes
Over 100 Heroes from 6 genres are waiting for your summon
Get to know more about their stories and make good use of their exclusive but powerful skills.

- Creative AFK feature
Idle, joyful feature is available. No more complicated operations or long time investment every day.
Auto hero skills, resources fall by your AFK
Only 10 minutes per day for the epic experience

- Unique Expedition Mode
Unique expedition mode with the maze feature, and bounty rewards.
No time-limited, just join whenever you are free!
Idle for a freer game play experience.

- Vigorous Arena to be challenged
Line up with your friends to build a powerful guild, defeat the Guild Boss!
Brand new and fair arena gameplay, who will be the VIP team?

- Strategic Combat formation
5-Hero Troop, simple but complicated under your formation strategy.
Bond bonus, Genre Restrain, Formation Set, Skill Combination... You will need to make a plan on these
Victory is not settled under your finger tips!!


Doomsday Guardian is a brand new AFK mobile game with Walking-Dead themed.

Email: mgame@910app.com