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버전3.3.7 (28)
업데이트 날짜2019년 08월 15일 (6개월 전)
크기71 MB
설치 수 1,000,000+
카테고리캐주얼 게임


Robinson hero of the game travel all over the world life. Once in the process of going to sea, unfortunate encounter storm, alone drifting to the desert island getting over,it began a period of rock climbing trip.
Robinson climbed over obstacles with a hammer and a wooden box.
He waved the big hammer in his hand. Step by step climb to the peak.
Players need to control the hammer to slide. Through constant practice, master crawling, jumping and swinging.
Time and time again, time and time again.
Believe me, you're just a step away from the finish!

변경사항 (버전 3.3.7)

Contains bug fixes and improvements
▪ Fixed some bugs

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다운로드 Getting It With Robinson APK (지난 버전)

3.3.6 (27)2019년 06월 27일
3.3.4 (26)2019년 05월 15일
3.3.3 (25)2019년 04월 29일
3.3.2 (24)2019년 04월 11일
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