Guitar & Ukulele Score APK

Guitar & Ukulele Score is a score application which helps to see chord directly.

Google Playjangsp.MyNote
카테고리, 도구
개발자Sungpil Jang
버전1.0.3.6 (37)
업데이트 날짜2017년 06월 22일 (3년 전)

Guitar & Ukulele Score gives musical note (Chords and lyrics). Tapping a chord on sheet music shows Chord chart. So you don't need to use Chord book. And also can change pitch. Score is persistently updated to Server. Because of that you can receive a new score without application update.

Feature :

1. Can change pitch up and down.

2. Automatically scroll score with Play button.

3. Score is persistently updated.

4. Can select Guitar and Ukulele on Settings menu.

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Guitar & Ukulele Score