Last Hero: Zombie State Survival Game APK + OBB

Last Hero is an epic 3D turn-based zombie game with real-time PvP battle.

버전0.0.20 (13491)
업데이트 날짜2020년 11월 09일 (2주 전)
개발자Click.18 Mobile
카테고리게임, 롤플레잉
설치 수10,000+

Last Hero: City State Survival is an epic game with real-time battlefields in the future Mafia background.

The rich plot line, vivid doomsday scenes of Last Hero: City State Survival will make you immersive. Assemble your last hero team and strategically match the Mafia hero lineup to make you stand out in the battlefields. Make friends with heroic leaders, go hand in hand with your family members, survive in this dangerous Mafia world full of challenges!

Download now to join the fight! It is survival time!

*Game Features*

[Mystery of Future Mafia City State]
At the moment of crisis, Joel, the commander of the Special Forces, took on a seemingly impossible mission of guarding; Ute, the reformer, was also constantly running around to explore his own life. Let's embark on an unknown journey together!
In times of crisis, the commando leader Joel took on the seemingly impossible mission of guardianship; the reformer Ute was also constantly running to explore his own life experience. Rich storyline, let's embark on an unknown Mafia journey together!

[Cultivation of Mafia Heroes]
The cultivation of mafia heroes is a major element of Last Hero: City State Survival Game, and each hero has their own specialties. From leaders, gunners, tanks, researchers, Psychic, and heroes of different gangs and families, choose your favorite, build the strongest mafia state.

[Human VS Biochemical Man]
Pick your favorite mafia hero camp in Last Hero, train different teams, overcome different dilemmas, find breakthroughs, and eradicate enemies.

[Strategic PVP Battlefields]
Strengthen your heroes with powerful artifacts and various deadly skills. Strategic lineups & hero positions matter in each battles.
Equip your last heroes with powerful artifacts, upgrade the level of last heroes, and unlock their deadly skills. In the exciting zombie battlefield, leaders can also flexibly change lineups and hero positions, and experience rich strategies in depth. The power of a last hero is essential.

[Rich Battlefield & Gameplay]

Rich and diverse gameplay entrance, easy access to combat resources & supplies. Online rewards, one-click upgrade, save time and effort to improve the level and ability of your last hero. Encounter zombies, and have no fear of challenges.

The mafia style world needs you to bring legends!

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