People Fall Flat On Human APK

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버전4.7 (407)
업데이트 날짜2021년 01월 22일 (2일 전)
개발자Flat Games & Apps
카테고리게임, 시뮬레이션
설치 수1,000,000+

What a sound? What a party panic? Does somebody fall flat?

Control every part of your human in new simulator - People Fall Flat On Human. Explore amazing worlds. Dangerous caves or underwater? It's you choice where your human fall flat on the ground. Don't matter how many times. It's only matters how many times you get up!

What is inside People Fall Flat On Human? Well:
- 8 amazing worlds of simulations;
- mutiplayer where you can fight friends;
- beautiful hats & skins;
- dozens missions about how funny human can be;
- ragdoll which love to fall flat;
more, more and more...

Have you ever felt better? So, "What will you do if human fall flat on the ground near you?" Every time they fall guys, they stand up & ready for a new challenge!

ATTENTION: the game is made by indies & still under development. We inspired by gang beasts or human fall flat but if there is something common in our games - it's only an accident. We are always on touch with players to integrate something new. Please, write which level do next? Please contact us on peoplefallgame@yahoo.com

App ID: 670e94bbee


This update of People Fall Flat On Human:
- level Hive improved.

What will you do if human fall flat on the ground near you?

Email: peoplefallgame@yahoo.com