Red Torrent APK

can receive a torrent
can turn Wi-Fi mode on or off
can create torrent files

Google Playnet.redtorrent.android
카테고리, 도구
버전1.0.1 (101)
업데이트 날짜2018년 05월 09일 (2년 전)

- Download
Download using the maximum speed of the communication connected to the mobile phone.
You can use other contents comfortably by setting communication speed when using other contents.
[WiFi - Mobile data] You can switch freely.
Movie files are played during download.

- Magnet Link
Copy the magnet link and click only one button. The torrent is added automatically.
Magnet link storage and sharing support provides easy management.

- file
Large file torrent support [Up to 4GB is possible for SD card formatted with FAT32.]

** Core Settings **
1. Save torrent file magnet
[Click on registered Torrent file -> click on upper left menu -> Save Magnet -> Check Main Margnet]

2. Download using a magnet
[Copy Magnet -> Enter Main Magnet -> Click on top of the page -> Copy automatically if address format is correct -> Check -> Register after checking torrent file]

3. Wi-Fi <-> Mobile data mode
[Settings -> Download -> Wi-Fi Mode]

3. Hide download titles
[Settings -> Notification -> Hide File Name]

4. Store settings
[Settings -> Storage -> Storage Path]

5. Move the file after downloading the file [Available with Android Kitkat (Kicket) or later]
[Settings -> Storage -> Move after downloading -> Move after download]
* Lollipop Lollipop and above are only allowed to read on Google policy.

In order to use the service smoothly, the status of the torrent is displayed in the notification window.
If you are not using it, please exit the notification window down or quit from within the app.

최신 버전

1.0.1 (101) 2018년 05월 09일

지난 버전

1.0.1 (101)2018년 05월 09일
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