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버전1.2.8 (28)
업데이트 날짜2019년 11월 30일 (3개월 전)
크기3 MB
설치 수 1,000,000+
개발자Meepo Dev


Story Save - Instagram Stories Download allows download, save, repost Instagram stories or Instagram highlight. With this stories saver app, you can download stories from people who you are following or search by name. After login with Instagram account, you can save any ig stories freely.

Stories Download - Download any Instagram user’s stories and highlight.
Stories Save - Save insta story and highlight to your mobile device unlimited.
Stories Repost - Repost to Instagram Feed or Instagram Stories directly.
HD Quality - Original definition photo and video.

How to use
1. Instal and open Story Save app.
2. Log in with your Instagram account.
3. Choose the people you are following, or search by name. You can see their stories and highlight.
4. Click any photo or video, then you can save or repost.

For normal use, you need to log in at first. Your Instagram account is safe while using Story Save. You can use it without any worry.

* InstaSave App is not affiliated with Instagram.
* Any unauthorized action or repost of photo or video violations of Intellectual property rights is the sole responsibility of the user.
* Before you download and save any Instagram photo or video, get the permission of the owner will be better.

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Support downloading photos & videos from posts.
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다운로드 Story Save - Instagram Stories Download APK 1.2.8 (최신 버전)

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지난 버전

다운로드 Story Save - Instagram Stories Download APK (지난 버전)

1.2.8 (28)2019년 12월 03일
1.2.7 (27)2019년 10월 30일
1.2.4 (24)2019년 10월 04일
1.2.3 (23)2019년 09월 23일
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