Speedy Gunfire: Striking Shot APK + OBB

쉬운 3v3 총격 사건 게임, 5 분에있는 당신의 경쟁자를 분쇄하십시오!

버전0.681.116.116 (29022)
업데이트 날짜2020년 10월 25일 (1개월 전)
카테고리게임, 액션
설치 수500,000+

You are in a real-time fast-paced 3v3 shooting game. Match your teammates worldwide and approach strategies by unlocking 30+ heroes to defeat the rivals.

(Knock Knock) Oh, here comes a letter for you.

======================== Wax Seal ========================

Dear Chosen One,

Thank God, you are here. There is no need for you to know who am I. I am here to deliver a message for you.

The battle, oh yes, they said it is a game. Indeed, but it’s more than that. The allies fight beside you are existent. The reward and glory you win from the game are real, and so are the enemies who we did not excepted. It could be a disaster for all humanity. (Cheers from the arena) Did you hear that? I take it as a white lie, but it is really exciting, isn’t it?

No worries. You are not alone. We have prepared legendary heroes to back your up. Now please find an invitation to summon your squad to evils before they ravage our orb.

[Fastest 3V3 MOBA Match Ever]
Ready to crush your rivals in 5 min? Team up with your friends and load up for the absolutely intense battle. Enter the battlefield and fight for irresistible victory now.

[Ultimate Hero Controlling Experience]
A rich variety of heroes is waiting for your selection. Time to show off your signature tactical combo. Create the own controlling skills to dominate the battle.

[Amazing gaming maps integrate with plenty of battle modes]
Exclusive maps will be unlocked through your game exploration. Don't miss out our continuously updating game maps and modes! We provide you with the brand new MOBA experience every moment.

[Play freely, Fight fairly]
United for the fair play! Easily download the mobile game in one minute, receive your fair and free play forever. The balanced and justified game design guarantees your long-lasting love for it.

About us:
- Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SpeedyGunfire


- New Season X3 has started!
- New Hero "Ryan" is available. Draw Ryan from Wheel of Fortune!
- New Avril Skin "Halloween Thrills" is out! Obtain pumpkin items and redeem rich rewards!
- New Features: Team Chat, Team Invitation. Grab your friends and fight together!
- Hero Adjustments: New combat mechanism for Bella, Ying, and Zoe! Come and give them a try!
- New Tactical Gadgets: Defense Amplifier, Biomass Refiner

Email: strikeroyaleteam@gmail.com