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개발자Tala Mobile
버전7.56.3 (25600)
업데이트 날짜2020년 03월 11일 (4주 전)
설치 수5,000,000+

Join millions of satisfied Tala customers who have grown their businesses, paid for school fees, and managed expenses with peace of mind.

How simple is the process?
• Download the Tala app
• Fill out our quick loan application in the Tala mobile app
• Verify your identity through our secure system
• Get cash sent directly to your M-Pesa in an instant

What are my loan terms?
• 21-day and 30-day loan options let you choose what’s right for you
• 21-day loan payment terms have a one-time fee of 5-11%*
• 30-day loan payment terms have a one-time fee of 7-15%*
• Grow with Tala and build your limit up to KSh 30,000 by making payments on time

How do I repay my loan?
• Repay your loan with M-PESA Xpress or through our Paybill 851900 and the phone number you sign up with
• You can pay in full or make partial payments, anytime on or before your due date
• Easy repayment schedule keeps you on track with your payments

The benefits of Tala in-app features at your fingertips:
• Personal security PIN to ensure protection
• Track your credit with My Tala Status
• Easy repayment schedule that keeps you on track with your payments
• Millions of Tala customer success stories to inspire you on your journey

Have questions? Visit www.tala.co.ke to check out our FAQs
Ready to get started? Download the Tala app and apply for a loan today.

Privacy and permissions: When you download Tala, we will ask to scan your M-Pesa SMS and other information in order to verify your identity, creditworthiness, and provide you the fastest loan in Kenya. We take privacy very seriously and your personal information will never be shared without your direct permission.

Terms and Conditions: Tala charges a service fee of 14-20%* of principal. Repayment schedules may vary; however, the maximum repayment period for a Tala loan is 21 or 30 days from disbursement. Maximum late fee of 10% of principal. Additional terms and conditions apply.

*Effective APR: 183-191%. Tala will never charge you more than the amount of your service fee (plus, if you do not repay on time, a one-time default fee). Interest and fees do not compound or accrue.

Email: hellokenya@talamobile.com

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7.56.3 (25600) 2020년 03월 11일
Tala Kenya