Abu AlShawk offline Festivals APK

Abu AlShawk offline Festivals


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이름مهرجانات ابو الشوق APK
버전2.0 (1001)
업데이트 날짜2021년 01월 24일
개발자aghani city
설치 수50+
카테고리, 음악/오디오

Abu AlShawk offline Festivals 앱

Abu AlShawk festivals an app for all lovers of popular and Egyptian singing

We offer you the application of Abu AlShawk Festivals offline 2021
Since we have chosen the most beautiful songs of Abu AlShawk 2020
We added many famous songs and festivals

Features of abu al-Shawk festivals application without net:

> you can navigate randomly from among the songs
> you can automatically navigate between songs
> attractive and easy to use design
> automatically stops when receiving incoming calls
> works without the need for the Internet
> playing songs in the background and using another app
> songs of high quality and excellent
> small and doesn't take up much space in the phone

We hope that you will be impressed by our humble application and don't forget to support us
Evaluate the application 5 stars so that we can continue to provide more great content and thank you

Download Now App : Abu AlShawk offline Festivals and enjoy the songs
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