1) AirPlay / DLNA 미러링 / 스트리밍; 2) 광고를 제거한 후 Samba / NAS / DMS Player.


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2021. 11. 7.
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AirPin(LITE) - AirPlay & DLNA APP

AirPin is an advanced screen mirroring and media streaming receiver app on Android TV, box and projector.
This is re-launch of 'AirPlay/DLNA Receiver(LITE)' which was first released on Google Play in Jul. 2012 and used to be downloaded for more than 1,500,000 times in the past 8 years and had a high rating. If you cannot find our old app in your install list, please do contact us.
This is the Universal version of 'AirPlay/DLNA Receiver(PRO)'. It contains several seconds Banner Ad at beginning of streaming/mirroring. You can remove the Ad and unlock all the features by purchasing the PRO version.

The FIRST Android app supporting both AirPlay and DLNA(The first version was released in Jul. 2012).
You can share the media and screen from your Apple, Windows and Android devices with the big screen.
●Share screen/video/music from iPhone/iPad/MacBook to AirPin via AirPlay
●Install AirPinPcSender.exe on your PC to share screen/media from Windows to AirPin
●Install AirPinCast(Search 'AirPinCast' in Google Play) to share screen/media from Android devices

NOTE: If the app doesn't work perfectly with your device, please contact us to improve. Your encouragement will help us move further.

●Support AirPlay video/music streaming and screen mirroring on all iOS/MacOS versions
●[*]The FIRST app supporting the latest Youtube AirPlay streaming
●[*]The FIRST app supporting slideshow for AirPlay photo streaming
●[*]The FIRST app supporting AirPlay password protect
●Support DLNA and UPnP
●Automatic startup and Service shutdown configurable
●Audio streaming background played without delay
●Support Windows streaming and mirroring(Working with AirPinPcSender.exe)
●Support AndroidSender(Android mirroring/streaming via AirPinCast)
●Constant bug fixing and updating within our capability

Advanced Features after removing Ads by purchasing the PRO version:
●Display multiple device screens(up to 4) simultaneously
●Directly pull media from DLNA/NAS/Samba Server to play
●Support Password protection
●Anti-disturb mode(video is kept playing when the controlling side exits)
●Continue playing from its previous pause point
●Support external Player
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