Antutu 벤치 마크가 업데이트 될 때 별도의 응용 프로그램은 다시 다운로드 3D 부품을 방지하는 것입니다


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2024. 6. 7.
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Antutu 3DBench APP

Antutu 3D Benchmark

Why do you need to download a separate 3DBench App?
-- The separate 3DBench app is to avoid re-downloading 3D part when version updated. Save your mobile data!
-- To test the 64 bit CPU and UX performance we need a separate 3DBench app

Antutu 3DBench v7 includes three test scenes, the OpenGL3.0-based Marooned, the OpenGL3.1-based Coastline and the OpenGL3.1+AEP-based Refinery which measures the performance limits of mobile devices. The benchmark automatically detects the API level supported by your device and runs the relevant 3D tests.
The benchmark results of the 3D tests in Antutu 3DBench v7 are based on Offscreen performance, which can more fairly reflect real-world gaming performance of mobile devices.
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