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2024. 6. 12.
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Aurora Store APP

Aurora Store (fdroid version) APK
Aurora Store is an unofficial, FOSS client to Google's Play Store with an elegant design. Not only does Aurora Store download, update, and search for apps like the Play Store, it also empowers the user with new features.For those concerned with privacy, Aurora Store does not require Google's proprietary framework (spyware?) to operate; It works perfectly fine with or without GooglePlayService or MicroG. However, those still reliant on those services are welcome to use Aurora Store as well!While Aurora Store was originally based on Sergei Yeriomin's Yalp store, v3.0 is a clean & complete rewrite from scratch that follows Material Design and runs on all devices running Android 5.0+.FeaturesFree/Libre software-- Has GPLv3 licenceBeautiful design-- Built upon latest Material Design guidelinesAnonymous accounts-- You can log in and download with anonymous accounts so you don't have to use your own accountPersonal Accounts-- You can download purchased apps or access your wishlist by using your own Google accountExodus integration-- Instantly see trackers an app is hiding in its codeWhat's new in v3?Built-in download managerImproved notification managerImproved blacklist manager & filtersNew UI based on latest Material Design guidelinesSupport for split/bundled APK installations
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