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2016. 9. 28.
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Battery Booster APP

 Battery booster app is save more battery life of android mobile phone.
 Battery booster deals with wasting of battery in multiple tasks.
 Android mobile phone must necessary battery booster app because android applications drain the battery speedily.
 This battery booster application have many features:
1. In battery booster app choose any mode like video mode or sleep mode and save the battery life.
2. You want to choose video mode in battery booster app and change the settings like sound settings.
3. You want to decrease the sound, set the vibration mode, off the Gprs via battery booster app and save the power of mobile battery.
4. You can decrease the brightness of mobile phone and save the battery via battery booster app.
5. Bluetooth, Gps, and all the unnecessary app are boosted which is automatically listed in battery booster app.

 Batter booster app completely free to download.
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