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2020. 12. 23.
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BCS Adorshalipi 앱

ADORSHALIPI is a digital premium learning platform. We are providing quality education with a lowest expense. ADORSHALIPI is now working with competitive job examination test preparations.

Currently we designed B.C.S (Bangladesh Civil Service) exam test preparation app. Our application features consists of learning & participating different test modules. Such as:

1. Reading: There is more than 40 thousand MCQ that you can read and memorize. All of these questions are from ten subjects/chapters and topics according to BCS syllabus. You can read all 40 thousand MCQ as short questions.

2. Subject Specific test: You can choose any one subject from ten specific subjects and select the number of questions and the duration for taking the test. If you are weaker on one subject than another this is perfect for you.

3. Time bound test: You can choose a specific time to take an exam from any of the ten subjects. You can select the time that you prefer and a question paper will automatically generate questions from all subjects.

4. Test yourself on previous examinations: In this module you can select any BCS examination held previously and try them.

5. Model test according to syllabus: You can do unlimited mock tests according to BCS preliminary test syllabus (200 questions for 2 hours). The question paper is randomly made from 40 thousand mcq as per syllabus.

6. Incorrect answers become a test! : You can take exams on the questions that you have answered wrong whilst practicing on ADORSHALIPI. Once you answer the questions correctly again, it will dissapear from the incorrecty answered questions list. This way you can focus on the questions you need help with.

7. Exam history & result analysis: You can check your all exam history, results, and other exam data including lists of questions that were attempted, unattempted, incorrectly answered and the time duration.

8. Strength & Weakness analysis: You can check your strength & weakness through this module. You can easily find your exam analytics & statistical data based on all subjects.

9. Syllabus

and many more
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