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2019. 2. 6.
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Bendy And Of Ink Machine Simulation GAME

bendy and the Ink machine is a free game for people who like black white game.

bendy and-Ink of machine is a survival horror game that uses a mixture of puzzle solving.

bendy only has two colors or, which are black and white. 5 chapter at Nightmare Nights ink l machine Is cheerful-looking the expression of sports a wide.

Bendy has a cheerful-looking expression, he is a cartoon demon-like imp character like other characters of the period on black and white. Because he lacks a neck, his head floats a few inches away from his body. He has large pie eyes. He wears shiny black shoes and a pair of gloves, a white bowtie, which closely resemble those of other cartoon characters like Neighbor |hello|, each possessing two black buttons.

He is entirely colored black apart from his face, which is white in color.

The shape of his head resembles cartoonish horns that always remain facing the viewer no matter which way Bendy is facing.

Players explore through a first-person view and have limited physical actions such as jumping and running. Different items can be collected, some of which are required to perform various tasks before proceeding. a reference to the game's creator the Meatly and his partner Mike Mood, Cans of bacon soup, can also be collected for both achievements and if henry's health injured you can restore it by this powers.

you have run from bad enemy ink who leak from ink machine , and try to solve machine Puzzle and run before the nightmare comming for you

try to save alice and the ink dog they are good people yes poeple:

this game is bendy & Christmas ink machine is the first Horror puzzle action adventure horror neighbor brothers that will forever ruin your scape

fivey nights at bendy! .

|Bendy| at Nights creation story of chapter five 5 ending and end ink machine, In real The Ink machine game hello n run neighbor from something has broken into the studio !!

but not too close to neighbor pixel ink!

Enjoy the best Horror game bendy & the ink of machine game
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