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버전1.0 (7)
업데이트 날짜2021년 01월 14일
개발자Video Factory Club
설치 수1,000+
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Birthday Effect Video Maker 앱

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Birthday Effect Video Maker

➩ Birthday Effect Video Maker is the Amazing application to make animated Happy Birthday Wishes video of your photos.

➩ With this application, you can easily create your photos many beautiful and attractive live animated effects with cake effect,Party effect, Balloon, Flower, Greetings, Birthday Messages, birthday celebration and wishes, Disco DJ light effect.

➩ Make Birthday wishes Story in photo slideshow, Happy Birthday Video Editor With animated effects. Easily you can make filmy style video on the special day using Birthday Effect Video Maker.

➩ Create amazing movie with your photos, Birthday song music and amazing new photo animation effects.Birthday Effect Video Maker provide nice photo, Video animation effect, predefined songs to give better effect.

Application Features

⇢ Select Photo or video from your Gallery.
⇢ Rearrange sequence of photos as you wish by dragging photo.
⇢ Crop Photo.
⇢ Edit Photo with Birthday stickers, add text, Birthday Frames and by applying Effects on photo or video.
⇢ Apply Animations on your photo or video.
⇢ You can add music from given Happy Birthday songs or from your phone audio files. Easily Cut or trim any audio from audio cutter and then add it.
⇢ You can change duration of your video.
⇢ Export Animated video and share it with your friends.
⇢ To create movie photo slideshow with music supports various new animations, like Hearts, Smock effect, slide effect, circle, pixel animation effect, blur effect etc.
⇢ Apply Disco light Dj effect on video,
⇢ Record DJ light effect video from camera for add party effect on video .
⇢ Export Animated video and share it with your friends.

Download this Birthday Effect Video Maker app for FREE now and create beautiful Birthday wishes story video with happy birthday music and share with friends and family.

If you like this app than don’t forget to give rate & review for further update.

Thank you.
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