BonBon Booster - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner APK

BonBon Booster - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner


Android용 BonBon Booster - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner APK을 다운로드합니다 - 무료를 - 최신 버전


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이름BonBon Booster APK
버전v_5.1.0_5210 (5210)
업데이트 날짜2021년 10월 23일
개발자BonBon Utils Team
설치 수100,000+
카테고리, 도구

BonBon Booster - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner 앱

Antivirus, Malware detection, boost phone performance, clean up storage.

BonBon Booster: a free tool for android device to improve the performance of games and apps, free up phone storage, clean up junk and cache files, manage apps and files, save battery power, speed up the operation, reduce lagging, and remove virus & malwares. A Phone booster, cleaner, and anti-virus app.
One-Touch, Multiple Benefits!

Optimizes and accelerate the phone with just one touch. After Boosting you will regain the performance of your phone.

Clean junk files
Remove the cache and junk files that take up storage space. Get rid of the space shortage.

Deep clean
Deeply scan your device, find and analyse files that can be cleaned, free up more space.
Such like large files, downloaded files, screenshoots, rarely opened video and audio files.

CPU Cooler
Continuously monitor temperature changes, effectively reduce the temperature of the device.

Battery Saver
Optimize battery usage, reduces power consumption. Not afraid of the lack of power pit teammates when playing the game with friends.

Antivirus and security
Scan viruses , malwares on your phone, block and remove viruses. It can also scan installed apps and download files to keep your phone away from the malwares, spywares and Trojans.
Give an interception to viruses, malwares, spywares and Trojans.

File Manager
Manages files, finding, viewing, deleting, or sharing files easily.

App Manager
Enhance and expand your application management of android device. Check and manage in one step.

Easy to use
Just tap the boost button to get the benefit from our app, boost performance.

--Premium Features--

No Ads
Enjoy an ad-free app experience.

Quick launch
Launch app quickly.

Automatic check security
Instant check of security and malware after an application was installed, automatically.

1.None of the personal data such as username or email address proceeds.
2.All information will be kept secure and not shared with the 3rd party according to Privacy and Cookies Policy.

BonBon Booster and BonBon Utils Team will strive to optimize the performance for android device, including web acceleration, gaming experience, battery life, clean up cache, junk file deletion and antivirus security through continually updating.

With just one click, you can release the full potential performance of your mobile phone. You won't believe how fast your mobile phone is!
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