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- unblock China's videos and music

Chinatunnel is an proxy app to unblock videos from mainland China.


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2018. 10. 29.
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ChinaTunnel APP

如果你的手机没有root,请不要安装!!!(Root access is required!!! DONT install it if your phone is NOT rooted!!!)
Android 8.0如果运行时提示iptables not found,请使用Magisk Manager进行root授权管理(For Android 8.0, if you got an error with "iptables not found", please use Magisk Manager to control root permissions).

ChinaTunnel is an app that can help you to set a proxy on your android devices to watch Chinese videos, tv shows and live sports videos provided by Chinese online company located in mainland China.


Notes for android devices with Kinguser
Due to the flaws of Kinguser, this app may not work with Kinguser, so, if you cannot run this app successfully, you may replace kinguser with supersu. Two methods you can try to replace kinguser with supersu:

First method:
Just use the SuperSu Me apk found on Play store. Follow the directions given on Playstore.
For more information you can see here:
and here:

Second method:
Get the required files from here:

You will find MRW folder inside the zip file , put that mrw in internal memory card

• Send the extracted folder "mrw" to the internal storage of your device and make sure that this folder contains 4 files
• Open Terminal emulator and type :
• Allow root permission
• Type :
sh /sdcard/mrw/

(put space after sh , then /sdcard/mrw/
• It might display some error ignore these errors, at the end it will launch supersu or open supersu manually.
• Update SU binary normal, then reboot

ALSO DELETE THE KINGUSER.APK ( superuser.apk) from /system/app manually, :P before reboot

1. Bypass customized IP addresses only;
2. Support customized HTTP proxy;
3. Update whitelist automatically;
4. Widget for quickly switching on/off proxy;
5. Low battery and memory consumption.

The app icon was designed by Ms. HAOXUE NIE.
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