Fawa: WhatsApp Tracker, Online Tracker APK

Fawa: WhatsApp Tracker, Online Tracker


Android용 Fawa: WhatsApp Tracker, Online Tracker APK을 다운로드합니다 - 무료를 - 최신 버전


최신 버전

이름Fawa APK
버전0.5.4 (43)
업데이트 날짜2021년 10월 20일
설치 수100,000+
카테고리, 도구

업데이트 날짜 - 변경사항

- Thai, Iraqi, Mexico number formats fixed
- More ads providers
- Better performance on push notifications

Fawa: WhatsApp Tracker, Online Tracker 앱

Fawa를 사용하면 WhatsApp에 대한 온라인 및 마지막으로 본 정보를 추적할 수 있습니다.

Fawa is a kind of WhatsApp Tracker application. It allows you to track the activities of the phone numbers you want.
To get WhatsApp Online information, you first enter a phone number in the application. After a short wait, Fawa activates the tracking for you. It sends you all the activities of the person you want to see via notification. It allows you to learn the information you want with the detailed statistics it offers.
Especially if you want to use some kind of Family Tracker and keep track of your family's online visibility, it's the best app to use.
WhatsApp Tracker
The WhatsApp Tracker feature of the application works very easily. First, you enter a number into the application. We recommend that you enter the phone of one of your family members in this application, which is designed for family use only.
After you enter the telephone number, Fawa starts notifying you of the number's activities. Thus, the Online Tracker is activated. You can get the last seen tracker information of the people you want.
When all processes are completed, the WhatsApp Tracker starts to work without any problems. If you want, you can extend this period for free or paid to use WhatsApp Tracker after the 6-hour trial period.

Online Tracker For Free

You are given 12 hours of trial and then you can continue to use the app freely by earning in-app coins. (Ads are a work in progress).

Fawa is a completely free Online Tracker tool.

Multiple Chase

You can track up to 5 people within your family. No extra costs are applied for multiple tracking requests


We have one of the cheapest package options for your tracking needs!


Hiding the last seen setting won't prevent the app from working. You will receive instant push notifications about the online and offline status of your contacts

Live Support!

We equally provide all of our users with live chat support and our agents are covering almost all different time zones around the world


We are constantly monitoring our services and improving our software quality. We plan on adding new features which will distinguish us from the others, so stay tuned!

Security and Privacy!

Fawa provides statistics for approved call numbers only. A single-use password is sent to the number whose reports you want to view and a confirmation is requested from the number in question.

- Fawa is not affiliated with any of the 3rd party applications present on your phone.

- Fawa does not interfere with any communication protocol, nor it does not alter any file on your devices' storage.

- Fawa fully respects and is in compliance with EU Personal Data Protection in Policy and Practice.

The application is intended for family use only.
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