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버전1.2.12 (15)
업데이트 날짜2015년 08월 05일
개발자Handy Smart
설치 수N/A
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Handy Smart TV 앱

Handy Smart TV – control your Android-TV device "Simple, Light, Fast!"

Handy Smart TV - it is a remote control application for Android TV box with already installed Handy Smart TV launcher.

Attention: This app is compatible only with TV box on the basis of Android OS.

Main functions:
✓ works over a local Wi Fi;
✓ photo/video/music viewing in one click;
✓ sensitive and ergonomic built-in mouse;
✓ built-in user-friendly remote controller;
✓ support of a multi-touch and standard gestures in the mouse mode;
✓ typing directly from the keypad of your mobile device;
✓ support of search and voice search;
✓ easily navigate through long websites like Facebook, eBay, with the help of swipe command of two fingers scroll;
✓ active and passive connection (sync) mode allow users to multitask (you can watch movies and search for necessary content on your mobile device simultaneously with its subsequent transfer to your TV screen);

Usage is pretty easy:
✓ connect to your Android TV device;
✓ enjoy yourself with an intuitive and user-friendly Android TV interface control;

✓ Android 4.0 or above;
✓ Android devices based on Rockchip RK 3288/3188/3066.

A high-speed internet connection will provide a better sync experience.

Handy Smart TV project consists of two components – Handy Smart TV launcher for TV Box and Handy Smart TV controlling app for mobile devices. You need to install both apps to experience them.

Contact us:
We would appreciate if you would report us any issues you have with regard to the app at handysmart.tv@gmail.com and all the neccessary information you can find at our official web-site: www.handysmart.net

When contacting our support team , please provide us with your app name, your device name and Android OS version used as well as a brief description of the issue.
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