Help mommy in room cleaning & home washing laundry game for little cleaners


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2018. 6. 11.
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Home Washing Laundry Game: Room Cleaning Adventure GAME

Home washing laundry game is clothes washing and cleaning game for girls and boys. Now play this girls washing game and experience the real fun and adventure of room cleaning, clothes washing and dress ironing. House laundry washing game contain super cool and awesome features which will surely entertain you in boring time.

Mommy do a lot of work in her daily tough and busy day routine. Mom always do best to take care of their baby, kids and children. Little guys let's learn to cleanup and wash the house rooms, laundry and then ironing. After learning all these housekeeper skills you can daycare your house and can do laundry and ironing to support and help your mommy in her busy days.

It's Sunday and weekend holidays are on their last day, mommy know that she has a lot of work on to do list. She has to wash laundry, fix the house, decorate the rooms and clean up the mess. She is really worried show some little helper spirit and fix the rooms and do laundry for her.

Cleaning the Room

Go to the bedroom and fix it. Clean up the mess and gather all the dirty shirts, jeans, jackets and other garments which looking real messy and dirty. Good work helper and housekeeper you have done a good job mommy will be proud of you. Bedroom is very much cleaner and washed.

Washing The Laundry

Now you have the messy and dirty dresses. There is a popular laundry shop in my town and they have many washing machines and dryers. Go the laundry washing and cleaning shop to wash home laundry. Put the jeans, shirts, dresses and other garments in the washing machine. Pour some detergent and soap in the washing machine and start it's spinner. Laundry is cleaned up! Now take the clothes out of the clothes washing machine.
Take dresses and garments to the house and hang them on wire to get dry. After some time take the dresses off and they are shining.

Learn Ironing Clothes

Now take the clothes to the iron stand and start pressing cloth with iron. Ironing needs full focus and skills. Use best housekeeper and daycare skills to complete this housekeeping task. Dresses are ready and you have completed your duty of mommy helping.
This home washing laundry game is best learning and mom caring game. Play this mommy caring game and be the helping tycoon.
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