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이름Hunting Camera Manager APK
버전5.2.2 (97)
업데이트 날짜2021년 10월 20일
설치 수50,000+
카테고리, 도구

업데이트 날짜 - 변경사항

Impoved compatibilty with PhotoTrap on Android, other improvements, bugs fixing

Hunting Camera Manager 앱

사냥 카메라 용 제어판

Hunting Camera Manager is an easy-to-use hunting cameras management application.
It provides comfortable work with ANY models of Hunting (a.k.a. Trail, Deer, Game) cameras which support sending of pictures and videos to Email and control via SMS commands.
The application instantly receives from Email box pictures/videos sent by your cameras, and places them in chronological order to the Photogallery having the next features:
- convenient images flipping by screen swipe
- zooming of pictures for viewing scene details
- brightness/contrast tuning for better viewing of night pictures
- pictures/videos selecting for particular date with Calendar
- easy deleting unnecessary (blank) images. In addition, the app can automatically delete
old images to prevent phone memory lack.
- sharing images with other users
- editing images with an external editor
- placing best pictures/videos to the "Favourites" gallery
- easy access to User Friendly SMS control for the camera. The app has predefined set of
SMS commands for 10 most popular trail camera models plus it provides possibility to
manually set SMS-commands for ANY other type of hunting camera.
The app can receive picture/videos in any state: when it's open or closed, when the phone is awaken or sleep.
Besides pictures/videos, the application can collect SMS sent by trail cameras, e.g. SMS confirmation from the camera about successfully executed SMS command.
New SMS, MMS or Email message from your trail camera can notify you even if the application is closed.
The Manager works with unlimited number of trial cameras.
The app doesn't use some private unreliable cloud but trusted public Email providers.
The app doesn't use any your phone accounts credentials. You just provide it with any Email box credentials where your hunting cameras send images to. It's recommended you create dedicated Email box just for using with the application.
The app is absolutely safe, it doesn't change and doesn't move anywhere received MMS, SMS and Email messages and doesn't require unnecessary permissions for application.
Welcome to join our Facebook group where you can find users tips, help from the developer and place your suggestions:
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