Idle 3D Printer - Garage business tycoon APK

Idle 3D Printer - Garage business tycoon


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이름Idle Printer APK, 3D Printer APK
버전1.5 (369)
업데이트 날짜2021년 08월 25일
설치 수10,000+
카테고리게임, 캐주얼 게임

Idle 3D Printer - Garage business tycoon 게임

Print 3d models and get money in this clicker! Start from garage and become rich

Start an idle business from the garage workshop and become a rich 3d printing tycoon in this clicker game! Enjoy cute graphics and create different models from plastic.

In this idle clicker you are the owner of a simple 3D printer. Start your business from a small workshop in the garage: print custom models and earn money. Collect drawings to print models from different collections: Science,Geek, Photo and other. Upgrade 3D printer to create more complex models, earn more, develop your business and become a printing tycoon.

You can speed up the 3d printer if you tap on it like in a clicker game. Watch the condition of the printer and do not let it overheat! Make sure the printer has enough plastic. Check that the model was printed without defects. The better the model is, the more expensive you can sell it!

Earn money and improve your printer, open more drawings, print faster and become a rich printing tycoon. Start the way from the garage workshop to the high class 3D printing laboratory on the Moon!
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