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2022. 5. 17.
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iHorse:The Horse Racing Arcade 게임

Immerse yourself in the exciting actions of horse racing on and off track! Live the glamorous role of a horse trainer and race manager. Travel the world and race for global domination in iHorse: The Horse Racing Arcade Game!

- NEW: new battleground for horse racing! Create or join a Racing Syndicate! Horse racing Syndicates Competitions opening soon!
- The full-on horse manager experience! Recruit and train horses to rise beyond their potentials.
- Brand new horse statistics and training systems, incorporating arcade style elements
- Set up your local and international horse racing stables and ranches to race in 12 different racecourses across the globe.
- Realistic horse appearances, animations, pedigrees and statistics.
- Race against players around the world in real-time races and make your way to the top leagues and competitions.
- Adapt your horse racing strategies, and manage your relationships with jockeys to your advantage.
- Upgrade equipments and formulate training regimes to create well arounded or specialist horses.
- Personalise jockey silks and helmets, and set yourself up for the winner's circle victory photo.
- Watch live horse races and replays from different racecourses from current seasons.

Find us on Discord: https://discord.gg/QhA9mRMBhZ
Find us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ihorse_racing
Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/iHorseRacingENG
Email: cs@gamemiracle.com
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