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이름K-9 메일 APK, K-9 Mail APK
버전5.901 (29001)
업데이트 날짜2021년 09월 17일
개발자K-9 Dog Walkers
설치 수5,000,000+
카테고리, 커뮤니케이션

K-9 Mail 앱

K-9 메일은 안드로이드를위한 100 % 무료 및 오픈 소스 메일 클라이언트입니다.

K-9 Mail is an open source email client that works with basically every email provider.


* supports multiple accounts
* Unified Inbox
* privacy-friendly (no tracking whatsoever, only connects to your email provider)
* automatic background synchronization or push notifications
* local and server-side search
* OpenPGP email encryption (PGP/MIME)

Install the app "OpenKeychain: Easy PGP" to encrypt/decrypt your emails using OpenPGP.


If you're having trouble with K-9 Mail, ask for help in our support forum at

Want to help?

K-9 Mail is a community developed project. If you're interested in helping to improve the app, please join us! You can find our bug tracker, source code, and wiki at
We're always happy to welcome new developers, designers, documenters, translators, bug triagers and friends.
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