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이름LeaguePokemon APK
버전1.2.0 (600)
업데이트 날짜2018년 03월 18일
개발자Ellen KAI
설치 수N/A
카테고리게임, 전략

League Pokemon 게임

Creative pokemons capturing and simulation game, it's nice for .Pokémon lovers.

Beautiful game with interesting gameplay and good sounds, it's easy to play and also the delicated design and awesome gameplay make this one and instant classic!!

● Tons of different magic monsters, waiting for you to capture them (All Free)
● Monster class: dragons, unicorn, dolphin, demon, golem, goblin, beast, pegasus and more...
● Unique gameplay, full of exciting surprises
● Original battle style! The tactics make everything interesting
● You set up your own small homeland and become the King
● You can challenge global players in the Arena and win lots of gems in reward
● You can tame, hatch, evolve the pokemons and breed new species for free
● To defend your new homeland from attack, you join league with others to fight the enemy
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