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이름worldcraft 2020 APK
버전2.1 (1)
업데이트 날짜2020년 08월 19일
개발자muusahaa studio
설치 수1,000,000+
카테고리게임, 시뮬레이션

Mini World Craft 3D Builder Simulator City 게임

2020 년 건물에는 다양한 픽셀 큐브를 사용하여 무엇이든 만들 수 있습니다.

Building World Craft Game is examination of maxi craftsmanship and incredible loco worldcraft 3d. We should make and make in this sandbox game. We should take a gifted specialist, expert the structure, online maxicraft, dream worldcraft, workmanship and build city, makes and craftig structures, we should craftsmanship and structures with home embellishments.

Play the classic survival mode or creative mode with access to any items and blocks. Create any buildings, use a variety of interior and scenery, exploration lite caves and abandoned mines in search of ore and other resources to create new blocks and objects.

Mini Craft New Crafting 2020 - NEW FEATURES:
- Awesome Graphics - Enjoy The Best Pixel Graphics With High FPS
- Building And Crafting 2020 During Day & Survive At Night
- Crafting & Building Game With Huge 3D World
- Making Incredible Buildings & Craftings
- Mini Craft Powerful Armor & Weapons
- Try Out Everything In Safe Map Without Enemies
- Unlimited Resource To Build With Plus The Ability To Fly.
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