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2022. 6. 10.
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Moodcard-wallpaper APP

Mood Card is a wallpaper application with photo sharing and social function as its core, based on a larges of pictures. According to your mood, we classify the wallpapers into eight groups .What’s more ,it provides text editing features, allowing you to use pictures and words to express your inner feelings and then share them to your friends.
The idea of our product is: Let the world hear your heart

Version introduction: moodcard4.0.4k
1.Adjust the display of the first page to allow you to use more convenient;
2.Added the horizontal slip between each main page to make the operation more speedily;
3.Added the daily quotes to give you more choice;
4.Added hundreds of new online fonts to make your words more personalized;
5.Added the function of editting style to bring you colorful words;
6.Added the guideline in the key points;
7.The categories was optimized to make it more easily to find waht you want;
8.The server algorithm was optimized to make the image more clear;
9.Added the CDN to accelerate the load and download speed;
10.Optimized the UI design to make the whole application more beautiful;
11.Repaired the other bugs.
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