Palm Reading - Fortune Teller & Future Analysis APK

Palm Reading - Fortune Teller & Future Analysis


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이름손금 보기 APK, Palm Reading APK
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Palm Reading - Fortune Teller & Future Analysis 앱

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Palm Reading is the art of interpreting a person's character, learning their personality or foretelling their future by analyzing their hands. Palm Reading is also known as Palmistry. People who practice palm reading are known as palm readers, hand readers or hand analysts.

Are you curious about what your palm says about you? Become a palm reader or psychic reader yourself and get accurate and complete analysis of your hand. We help you read your palm and know about your future and the hidden secrets about yourself and others with our free palm readings. Answer few questions based on the palm lines and you will have a personalized palm reading analysis.

Palm Reading - Fortune Teller app lets you analyze these palm lines:
♦ Heart Line
♦ Life Line
♦ Head Line
♦ Marriage Line
♦ Fate Line
♦ Success Line
♦ Travel Line

Through this Palmistry app, you will get to know about:
♦ Love Life
♦ Physical Strength
♦ Quality of Life
♦ Health
♦ Personality
♦ Marriage Life
♦ Career
♦ Work Life
♦ Success
♦ Destiny
♦ Luck & Fame
♦ Travel

Features of Palm Reading - Fortune Teller app are:
♦ Know what different palm lines reveal
♦ Easy to use as you simply need to follow the instructions on the screen
♦ Observe your palm lines and answer few questions to get your detailed palm reading analysis
♦ Fun Psychic reading in a party or get-together of friends

Get ready to predict your future with the best Palmistry app! It is fun and easy, so when you're ready, let the palm reading or psychic reading begin!

Download this Palmistry app and predict your future by analyzing your hands!
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