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이름PayNow APK
버전3.4.1 (45)
업데이트 날짜2021년 08월 25일
개발자PayNow Pty Ltd
설치 수100,000+
카테고리, 금융

PayNow for Stripe 앱

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PayNow for Stripe is a minimalist point of sales app, allowing you to accept credit card payments quickly and easily using your mobile phone.

•  Accept all major debit and credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, American Express
•  Take payments in 135+ currencies!
•  Supports PayWave/PayPass on NFC capable devices
•  Highest level of security & PCI Compliance
•  Login fast using a PIN or fingerprint
•  No extra hardware required
•  Use device camera to populate card details fast (optional)
•  Simple, intuitive & elegant UI
•  Cost is 0.5% per transaction + Stripe fees

We are a Stripe verified partner:

Full details and FAQs on our website at

What is Stripe?
Stripe is a credit card processor for web and mobile. They process billions of dollars a year for thousands of companies of all sizes. One of the best things about Stripe is their awesome set of APIs, which allow developers to build tools that do more with Stripe – that’s what we've done with this app. You will need a Stripe account to use PayNow for Stripe, and keep in mind is that it’s Stripe doing the real work. PayNow is just a nicely designed mobile app interface you can use to talk (send a credit card charge) to Stripe. Please visit our website to find out more.

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PayNow is a Stripe verified partner
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