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최신 버전

이름Pickfords APK
버전1.5 (6)
업데이트 날짜2020년 12월 06일
개발자Pickfords Move Management Ltd
설치 수1,000+
카테고리, 비즈니스

Pickfords Video Survey 앱

Pickfords가 비디오를 통해 집을 조사하여 이동 계획 및 견적을 작성하도록합니다.

The App allows users to arrange a contactless video meeting with a Pickfords move consultant online.

Simply point your device at the items you want to move, as your move consultant talks you through the process providing consultation as you go.

Receive your quotation within 24-48 hours after your video survey


Easy to use
Convenient and easy to use smart technology

Meet your move consultant online to discuss your personal requirements

Contactless and safe
A video survey means you don’t have to have a home visit to arrange a quotation

Your survey is as accurate as an in- home visit and your video can be referred to at a later date if you need it

Security guarantee
Your video is stored in a secure environment and can be accessed if you need to review the contents at a later date
On/off torch facility
To see into dark corners!

Upload facility
Upload more photos, documents and videos of your home to your Pickfords app

Find out more about Pickfords services
Access Pickfords’ Moving Advice Centre, Packing video library and more, in fact everything you need to help you move home.
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