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이름RiskChange APK
버전20200806.2 (2020080602)
업데이트 날짜2020년 08월 06일
개발자takomat GmbH
설치 수10+
카테고리, 예술/디자인

Risk Change 앱

Risk Change 앱을 사용하면 세계와 예술 작품 및 이야기를 공유 할 수 있습니다.

“Migration is a natural law: everything moves, everybody migrates.Respect the mobility of human life.”

The Risk Change app allows you to explore, share artworks and stories with the world. You can upload images and locate them on a map to show where the artwork was created or where it can be found today.

The Risk Change App was developed as part of the EU Culture Project „Risk Change“ (www.RiskChange.eu).

RC aims to create, connect, compare, disseminate and promote contemporary EU interdisciplinary art related to social studies and migration. The project covers the field of contemporary interdisciplinary culture, art and creativity connected to science, especially social and applied sciences and ICT. RC entails interacting with different target audiences, esp. building connectivity between new-coming migrants and settled inhabitants of multicultural EU communities.


* Search and view artworks uploaded by others

* Upload your own artworks

* Geotag where the artwork was created or where it can be found today

* Add your artwork to galleries

* View Artworks in AR
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