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최신 버전

이름RockIt APK
버전1.0.20 (26)
업데이트 날짜2018년 06월 26일
개발자JAZE Entertainment
설치 수1,000+
카테고리, 음악/오디오

RockIt karaoke 앱

RockIt는 Chromecast 기기와 다음 단계로 노래방을 제공합니다.

RockIt brings karaoke to the next level-allowing playback of songs on your TV with Chromecast devices. It gives you the full experience of karaoke without requiring expensive equipment or going to a crowded karaoke bar.

RockIt Karaoke app for everybody! Sing & record to get fans and make friends. RockIt Karaoke is a karaoke app to sing thousands of karaoke songs and Record and watch your singing performance.

Enjoy singing with family and friends without stopping; find songs easily from our massive catalog with more than 5000 artists and 20 genres available. Create your own playlist and make audio/video recordings of yourself while you sing. After you record your performance you can watch it on your TV or export it to your gallery so you're able to share it with friends and family.

What's great is that there is no monthly nor annual subscription required.

We know you love to sing, with RockIt unlimited access you will have immediate and unlimited access to:

- More than 50,000 karaoke songs.
- Play karaoke songs on your TV with Chromecast.
- Record and watch your singing performance.
- Add songs to your own playlist.
- Search by artist, band, or song.
- Save and export your recording to your gallery to share with others.

RockIt Karaoke is your best choice to sing!

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