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이름ShareKaroLite APK
버전1.4.49.1 (10104491)
업데이트 날짜2022년 01월 11일
개발자ShareKaro Team
설치 수10,000,000+
카테고리, 커뮤니케이션

Share Karo: Transfer, Share it 앱

공유 Karo Lite-공유 및 파일 전송, Android / iOS / PC와 공유, 공유

🌟 ShareKaro Lite is a super sharing app. Please use Share Karo Lite now!
🌟 ShareKaro Lite is a fast file transfer app. You can use Share Karo Lite to Share Files, Share Apps, Share Videos and Share All without the internet. Share it with all your friends now!

🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 Just Four Steps :
Step 1️⃣: Choose the app you want to share with Share Karo Lite
Step 2️⃣: Choose the files you want to share
Step 3️⃣: Scan the QR code
Step 4️⃣: Click “Send”

Top Features :
✊ File transfer without size limit
- Share large files
- Transfer share file folders
❌ Share files without internet
- No mobile data and WI-FI is needed for transfer share
👍 Very easy to use, very helpful for sharing
- Easy connectivity through QR Code for sharing purpose
- Easy resume interrupted transfer, you can continue to share it without starting over
- Easy send anywhere and anytime
🗂️ Strong file management
-You can easily manage storage on your device
-You can analyze local storages to clean up useless files
-Find files faster with search and simple browsing
📃 Transfer all types of files
- Transfer all types of files with multiple devices
- Share Videos, Share Apps, Share Music, Share Pictures, Share files, etc
👌 Share it without login
- In order to share files, file transfer and transfer share, just download our App and share what you want to transfer without login to this sharing app.
🌍 Transfer files in rocket speed

Warm Reminds
ShareKaro Lite is mainly focused on nearby files transfer.
To discover nearby users and share files more efficiently, ShareKaro Lite needs some permissions such as location, storage, camera etc.
Please be assured that the permissions we asked are used for file transfer/file share ONLY.

If you meet any problem, please feel free to contact us at:
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