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Fake Call Siren Head Game


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이름Siren Head Call APK
버전1.0 (1)
업데이트 날짜2021년 01월 23일
개발자walls app
설치 수5,000+
카테고리, 엔터테인먼트

Fake Call Siren Head Game 앱

이 앱은 사이렌 헤드로부터 가짜 전화를 받는 시뮬레이션 게임입니다.

Fake scary Call From Siren Head Prank video Prank app to accompany your days in leisure time.when you feel lonely and boring then entertain yourself with fake calls from the scariest creature.
Siren Head is an urban and cryptid legend created by artist Trevor Henderson.

Siren Head Calling is a simple application directed to fans Siren Head and all age, it very easy to used just choose your option calling and create a scary discussion chat with Siren Head with fake calling.

call is a simulation game for receiving a fake incoming calls from Siren head, its an easy app to use in order cartoon cat et cartoon dog to entertain yourself and prank your friends and family and see their frightening and hilarious reactions, This is not a real calling and only a joke cartoon cat et cartoon dog.

You can make your friends and family's day or scare them with siren, squid doll, chucky, granny scary, pennywise, ice scream, momo. It is best suited to pull a prank and joke by receiving fake video call and chat voice call from Siren Head. Siren Head prank call can be used in scary festivals and play with friends and kids.

- The perfect siren head horror
- Run the application smoothly.
- video of Horror Siren Head in her house will be played when you answer the call.
- you can have a texting conversation with scary Siren Head.
- Answer the fake incoming call from the Siren Head

DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial fanmade siren head game mod of scp, i'm not affiliated with the game developers in any way.
All copyrighted materials are property of the respective owners.
Usage for this app falls within fair use guidelines. If you feel that there is a direct copyright infringement or trademark violation that does not follow within the Fair Use Guidelines, please contact me directly via email address and i will fix the issue immediately.
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