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이름SMSs Forwarder APK
버전10.0 (10)
업데이트 날짜2018년 08월 22일
개발자Soft Brain
설치 수50,000+
카테고리, 도구

SMS Auto Forwarder 앱

Forwards All Received SMSs To Your Specified Multi Cell Numbers

SMS Diverter, Forwards SMSs that received by the phone in which this app is installed, to the cell numbers which are added to the List/ specified by you in the application. It is best for the situation in which you have Two or more mobiles (one heavy and one light or feature phone) and you want to divert or forward SMSs from one phone to another/multi phones. The heavy phone need more charge and most of the time on charge so sometime the users forget the heavy phone at office or home. Getting out heavy phone every time from pocket is also not easy as compared to light phone.
Thus to solve the above problems the need of SMS diverter or forwarder was felt and developed

⦁ Simple & Light In Functions & Design.
⦁ Have SMSs Multicasting Facility, Upto 5 Numbers
⦁ Blocks un-necessary SMSs from Forwading
⦁ Require Less Storage Space
⦁ Have ON/OFF Option, Does not need to Un-Install
⦁ Need No Internet Connection
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