SoundFont-MidiPlayer-Piano (Low Latency USB) APK

SoundFont-MidiPlayer-Piano (Low Latency USB)


Android용 SoundFont-MidiPlayer-Piano (Low Latency USB) APK을 다운로드합니다 - 무료를 - 최신 버전


최신 버전

이름SoundFont-Midi-Player-USB-MIDI APK
버전1.6.3 (56)
업데이트 날짜2021년 09월 28일
설치 수50,000+
카테고리, 음악/오디오

SoundFont-MidiPlayer-Piano (Low Latency USB) 앱

USB 미디 키보드, K는 / B, VirtualPiano를 사용하여 사운드 폰트를 통해 중간 파일 및 피아노를 재생합니다.


- Low latency support for USB MIDI input devices.

- full screen piano from version 1.5.5.

- As tested app worked in background or screen turned off to practice USB MIDI Piano. This saved device battery.

- Listen to midi & RMI (rmid) files with your custom instruments packed inside SoundFont files.

- Export midi + soundfont to ogg. Don't need PC to make midi to stream musics.

- Switch to supported soundfonts quickly. Useful to test how midi sounds on different soundfonts.

- Test SoundFont instruments with a small virtual piano or USB MIDI Keyboard, Normal Keyboard. Supports Key, Volume, Pitch, Modulation, Pedal events. More should work but i could not test.

- Record to mid file from USB Midi keyboard, USB keyboard and virtual piano.

- Plug normal USB QWERTY keyboard & play midi. Keyboard keys to piano keys mapping is same as that of Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS version during 2016).


- Using USB MIDI Keyboard device while midi file is playing might not work as expected because midi events change settings.

- If USB MIDI Keyboard doesn't connect try to turn it on & off & select this app when requested by OS.

- Not all SoundFont files with extension sf2 are supported. Only fluidsynth/PolyPhone-1.x supported sf2 are usable.

- Effects like Reverb, Chorus, high sample rate & interpolation can cause high load on CPU & cause glitch in audio. This app uses FluidSynth which requires powerful CPU. Reduce all options to minimum if glitch free audio is needed.

- Volume gain can cause audio clipping / noisy audio. Keep it below 1.0 if volume is already high for a midi with lots of instruments. Better is to keep this minimum & increase volume from device's master controls.

- QWERTY keys don't behave like hardware piano keys because they don't offer pressure information. K/B Keys don't feel smooth.

USB related issue on some devices:

Some devices like Samsung Galaxy Tab4 7.0 (degasltespr), Android 5.1 are creating
java.lang.SecurityException and app currently don't support such devices. May be future updates will fix this.

I have tested MIDI KeyBoard M-AUDIO KeyRig-49 on 5-6 devices of Nubia, Redmi, Nokia, Lenovo, RealMe, Moto and it worked. However some devices don't offer low latency. App uses whatever settings these devices provide for better audio.


- Playing next musics repeatedly using buttons or shakes or buggy midi files can sometimes cause app to stop working or crash.

Assets usage:

- Most of midi used from

- Only those soundfonts, midi musics are use which had permissive license. However some license were hard to find. Musics are remake/remixes and may resemble OST of some popular game. In that case please let me know if you have problem with distribution of the musics. I will remove them :/

- The assets used were used with the purpose of giving a demo of audio produced by this app.

Powered by unmodified FluidSynth 1.1.6
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