Squid 3D Reed Light green Light APK

Squid 3D Reed Light green Light


Challenge yourself, With the game Squid Challenge Game


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2021. 10. 11.
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Squid 3D Reed Light green Light 게임

With the game Squid Challenge Game - Red light Green Light relive the experience of challenges in the skin of the actors.

The game everyone played when they were kids, but with a little twist!

The rules are simple; you run while the lights are green and you have to stop when it’s red. Try not to get eliminated and survive the game!

Powerful squid Doll AI will detects movements even faster .

In squid survival game for free challenge scary horror gameplay many player compete in childhood games to survival with their lives at stake. The squid game battle war has great prizes await with deadly stakes competition. There are also a lot of hell game to make you explore in squid red light green light. You are competing with others don't be kill by pink game character looks like pink man.

Can you cross the finish line without getting caught in given time and collect the big prize?

Install this new squid survival game of like red light green light 3d game 2021. available now Squid 3D Red Light Green Light on plat store
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