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이름TechBank APK
버전4.9.10 (77)
업데이트 날짜2021년 11월 26일
설치 수10,000+
카테고리, 금융

TechBank 앱

한 곳의 모든 앱에서 쇼핑하며, 전세계에서 크립토로 손쉽게 쇼핑하고 판매하십시오.

We're all about giving back! When you shop at your favorite brands worldwide through TechBank , we receive a commission and share it with you in Bitcoin & CCRB.
TechBank is a trusted ecosystem to SHOP, EARN & TRADE using the decentralized web in over 140+ countries. Open a beautifully simple app-based global multi-currency account now and claim $5 worth of Bitcoin, as a welcome bonus in minutes not days.

No Cards - No Fiat - No Fees.

Buy, Sell, and manage your crypto over 60 popular Currencies in one place. We have built a fully functional and secure platform to manage your crypto portfolio. Our live App directly connects customers with local and international brands by allowing users to spend crypto with ease using our cutting-edge technology. The retailer API connected with the App issues instant e-codes, which can be scanned at checkout or redeemed online globally at major brands.

TechBank Loyalty Program

Big and small merchants anywhere in the world can now start a crypto or traditional loyalty program in minutes using our APP. Can you risk losing your customers because you don’t have a loyalty program?

The Pareto Principle states that on average, roughly 20% of a business’s customers account for 80% of its revenues. While the actual breakdown varies depending on your business model, your most loyal customers always account for most of your future free cash flow.

Most business leaders also understand the value of loyalty programs, at least in theory. Nearly anyone can tell you that it costs more to acquire a new customer — five to 25 times more, depending on who you ask — than to keep an existing one, and loyal customers tend to spend more with a brand than new customers. In other words, building a loyal customer base should have a significant impact on a firm’s bottom line cash flow and profit.

The TechBank shopping platform and ecosystem is not a proof-of-concept - it's been fully-functioning since Jan 2017 which is why we already have numerous testimonials from people all over the world who have already shopped and saved with TechBank.

This app is owned and operated by Bee International Consultancy Private Limited
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