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이름Terra Monsters APK
버전1.1.2 (1001002)
업데이트 날짜2015년 05월 04일
개발자Social Titans LLC
설치 수0+
카테고리게임, 캐주얼 게임

Terra Monsters 게임

이 오픈 월드 생물 캡처 게임 테라 괴물!

**If you came here looking for Terra Monsters 2 this isn't it go to this store page instead! **

Email us at for customer support.

Rid the region of evil with the help of your loyal Terra Monsters in this open world creature capturing game. Battle your way to become the champion of the Dart region while solving the mysteries of Terrarium. Are you ready for the adventure? Terra Monsters is a free download but costs 99c to unlock the full game.

- Collect, raise, train and battle 178 Terra Monsters, including 7 legendaries!
- Create unique monsters with talent traits and over 200 moves to choose from
- An open world with over 10 different regions to explore
- A thrilling story line and mysteries to solve
- Amazing Monster designs
- Your own ranch to care for your own Monsters
- Hours of gameplay

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