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이름The Darwin Project APK
버전1.0 (1)
업데이트 날짜2018년 03월 18일
설치 수N/A
카테고리게임, 시뮬레이션

The Darwin Project 게임

The Darwin Project is a multiplayer game.

The Darwin Project is a multiplayer action game for survival in the Canadian Rockies. Players have to choose their own characters, fight against other players and prove that they are the strongest here. In addition to battles, the players can also be "show directors" with the ability to set certain parameters to arenas, and even to other players.

The Darwin project is a cartoonish, dynamic sandbox where you have to survive (out of 10 people) on a small map with craft elements created by Scavengers Studio.
The game has 4 modes of play: solo, duo, private and...
There is also customization, and you are given the opportunity to change the color of clothes, the type of weapon, and for the time being, all the forces and added hairstyles, etc.

In the Darwin Project, not only the enemies are dangerous but also the environment.
You can fight and shoot from a bow or fight with axes, but then you will spawn in a random way on the terrain of 7 cells that gradually close or go bombardment. In each of them, there is an electronics. When you activate it, you get spare parts for crafting, by the way about the craft. On the map, there are also located trees, leather armchairs and chests made from wood, the leather chair, and you can find various resources in the chests. And all these are required for creating arrows, armor, improving guns and traps. By the way, there are many different arrows and traps, which can help you in need to build a fire so as not to freeze.

In The Darwin Project, there are houses, in some of which there is a map showing the location of all the players on the territory, as well as the opportunity to see the enemy through the walls by simply walking up and inspecting the subject that he broke, for example, an armchair.

Along with the battles, the Darwin Project players can choose the role of the "show director" by setting certain parameters to the arenas and even to other players.
Participants in the Darwin project must survive the coldness and the battle in a treacherous arena.
Darwin's project is a multiplayer third-person game in which you must compete and survive. It is based on the hunt for other participants of the Darwin project.

Darwin Project Features

✪ A team game!

✪ Skins for all tastes.

✪ A choice of graphics for different phones.

✪ 30 types of weapons.

✪ A chat.

✪ Automatic shooting.

✪ A large map.

✪ Simple and intuitive control.

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The Darwin Project is a competitive multiplayer third-person survival game based on hunting for other Darwin Project members.
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