ThemeDIY - Create themes for Substratum and CMTE APK

ThemeDIY - Create themes for Substratum and CMTE


Android용 ThemeDIY - Create themes for Substratum and CMTE APK을 다운로드합니다 - 무료를 - 최신 버전


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이름ThemeDIY APK
버전v1.31 (49)
업데이트 날짜2017년 11월 08일
개발자Darkion Avey
설치 수100,000+
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ThemeDIY - Create themes for Substratum and CMTE 앱

쉽고 빠른 방법은 하층 (NO 삼성 지원)을위한 아름다운 테마를 만들 수 있습니다

NOT for Samsung devices! Please don't leave negative reviews asking for Samsung support.

ThemeDIY creates CMTE as well as Substratum themes from within your device. You can customize many different aspects of the theme, such as colors, wallpapers, lockscreen backgrounds, fonts, boot animation, and style, which itself includes buttons, switches, radio toggles, checkboxes, system animations, loading spinners, and many other options to make your perfect theme.
Don't know how to design a theme? Good news! The app is now equipped with a live preview which allows you to see what your theme would look like when applied (go to per-app modification tab in styles).

-CMTE (CM12, CM12.1, CM13, LOS13).
-Substratum (Android 7+)
-Stock Android 8.

Please note that Android 5.0 (CM12.0) is not fully maintained as development is shifted towards newer versions of Android, but don't fret, themes will still be applied although you will see some unthemed elements every now and then.

-User-friendly, material-compliant UI
-One-click customizations ("Generate colors from wallpaper")
-Automatically install themes once made (requires root)
-WYSIWYG editor (WIP)
-Per-app modifications
-Wallpapers, lockscreen backgrounds, softkeys, TTF and OTF fonts, and boot animations
-Not just pre-defined colors, pick your own (HEX colors input)

Some features may require in-app purchases, aka ThemeDIY pro.

Guide on how to use themeDIY:

Found a bug? Don't let it sit there, contact me to resolve it immediately. I'm friendly and will respond asap :)

Please send me an email before requesting a copyright takedown where applicable.

Don't forget to join ThemeDIY Google+ community for updates
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