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이름Vanced microG APK
버전0.2.22.212658 (212658001)
업데이트 날짜2021년 09월 20일
개발자Team Vanced
설치 수1,000,000+
카테고리, 도구

Vanced MicroG 앱

MicroG tweaked to work for applications such as YouTube Vanced

Do you want to login to YouTube Vanced app with your Google account? If yes, you should install Vanced MicroG APK on your android device to get account subscriptions, playlists and more. A must needed app for the Vanced users who uses our services such as YT Vanced and Vanced Music. Without this, you won't get the full benefits that we offer right now. So, we request you to get the latest version of APK file from this official page.

This is tweaked edition of the official MicroG and made modifications to compatible with Vanced Apps. This way you are going to get the Google authentication to our YouTube Mods. The main aim of the MicroG project is to get rid of traditional Google Playservices in the android devices and help us use major google services such as Gmail, Playstore and more.

Vanced MicroG is only developed for Non-Rooted android users because our mods can't replace the official ones. This is not a problem with the rooted devices, and one should follow a different procedure to install them by the way.

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