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Vconnect by PNB Housing


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이름Vconnect by PNB Housing APK
버전1.5.0 (51)
업데이트 날짜2020년 12월 09일
개발자PNB Housing Finance Limited
설치 수10,000+
카테고리, 금융

Vconnect by PNB Housing 앱

비즈니스 파트너를위한 PNB 주택 금융의 공식 Vconnect 모바일 응용 프로그램

Vconnect mobile application is a very simple and useful application exclusively meant for our business partners. Business partners can now perform several functions using this application while on the move. Some of the key features of this application are as follows:

1. Business partners can now accept/reject invoices and generate/submit the same using this application.

2. File status can be checked via this application whether it is sanctioned/queried/rejected etc. at any time of the day at their convenience. This will reduce our business partner's dependence on sales managers, thus creating more bandwidth for the team.

3. Pending documents can be uploaded online leading to quicker resolution of queries and will help in reduction on TAT.

4. GST tab: GST registered Business Partners can check their GST details provided to us.

5. EMI calculator along with Product catalogue is also provided under "Business Tools" tab.

6. Under "My Details" tab, business partner can view their personal as well as bank details.

7. Last but not the least, a business partner can view details of his mapped relationships under "My Relationship" section.

For any feedback, queries or issues pertaining to Vconnect mobile application, please write to us at


Team PNB Housing Finance
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